Welcome to the KTNEX courier service, a fleet of professional and friendly drivers who enjoy driving, biking, or walking.

This service is not for everyone. Therefore, we thoroughly check all documents submitted.
 To be a KTNEX courier, start off by downloading the KTNEX Driver app from the app store and uploading the required documents.

 Here are some of the benefits of joining the network:

  • You use your own car, motorbike, or pushbike to make money
  • Take-home high earnings (we take a small service commission and no hidden fees)
  • Extensive user functions such as App Analysis reporting about your earnings
  • Flexibility (work Full-time or Flexibly to supplement your income from your usual job, we fit in with your needs)
  • Versatile in App interactive features
  • Driver support
  • Safety features
  • Prompt pay-outs (weekly)

To find out more about becoming a KTNEX Courier, contact our team today.