How do I place an order?

To get started, all users need to download the KTNEX User App from the app store. You need a smartphone, an email address, and a registered phone number.

Signup using your personal details.

You will receive a one-off confirmation code via SMS in order to activate your account.

How do I order a meal or grocery?

Open the service app on your Smartphone.

Enable your location. To do that go to your phone settings.

Once your location is on, you are automatically located via GPS. The ‘App Radar’ function shows you all available restaurants, shops, or supermarkets nearby. Pick the available services as you wish.

You need to confirm your location and destination address.

You can also specify your individual booking and delivery options here.

Confirm your address selection and your options, and make your order.

The restaurant will automatically receive and confirm your order together with the estimated delivery time.

Next, the KTNEX courier will deliver your order timely. 

Do I lose my order request if I close the app?

No, the booking continues even if you close the app. A push message is sent just before the courier arrives. If you leave the app open, you can track the driver’s arrival live on the map.

How do I pay for my order?

Paying for your order is easy. 

1. Pay using a credit or debit card. Simply save the payment method of your choice for future orders. Or go cashless by adding money to your unique wallet on the app. The cashless or cardless payment method is by far the most popular method.

After successful verification, you receive a message informing you of the successful transaction.

Your payment receipt is then emailed to you.

You can view all your past orders on your dashboard.

KTNEX Admin, August 2022